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Aruba Deluxe Sailing


Midnight sun yacht
Midnight sun yacht
Midnight sun yacht

Why us?

Unrivaled Quality – Choose The Midnight Sun

We understand the importance of getting the best value for your money. That’s why we are proud to offer a product of the same or even higher quality than our competitors, all at the best price. We believe in adding more value to your hard-earned money by providing an exceptional product that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. With The Midnight Sun, you can trust that you’re making a smart investment without compromising on quality.

Embark on an unforgettable aquatic adventure in Aruba aboard our luxurious motor yacht! Elevate your experience with friends and soak in the sun-drenched vibes while cruising on this stylish vessel, equipped with a State of the art Bluetooth sound system, wifi and much more. Whether you’re on a family getaway, enjoying quality time with friends, or celebrating a sensational bachelorette or bachelor party, our yacht guarantees an extraordinary and fun-filled journey.

Craft your dream itinerary or let us assist you in curating the perfect excursion. A seasoned captain ensures a worry-free voyage, allowing you to relax and revel in the beauty of Aruba’s waters. Our all-inclusive package covers essentials such as ice, water, and soda, while the option to customize with alcohol and delectable snacks/food is available. Let us know your preferences, and we’ll tailor a package that suits your desires


Experience the ultimate luxury on the stunning waters of Aruba for just $400 per hour. With a minimum booking of 2 hours for $800, our prices are significantly lower than our competitors. Treat yourself to a lavish experience and make unforgettable memories in paradise. Book now and indulge in the beauty of Aruba’s pristine waters.

Contact us:   Whatsapp +297 594 6412
Email: midnightsunactivities@gmail.com

Make your tour experience truly personalized by letting us know your preferences for snacks, food, and drinks! At Aruba Deluxe Sailing, we want to cater to your tastes and make your tour a memorable one. Simply tell us your likes and we will work out a price that fits your budget. Start planning your dream tour today!

  • Captain and Crew
  • Fuel
  • Wi-fi
  • State of art Bluetooth sound system
  • Fruit punch, carbonated drinks (soft drinks), water & ice
  • Snorkel Equipment
  • Floats, Life Jackets for Adults and Kids
  • Aruba Sunscreen reef proof on board
  • Indoor Airco
  • 2 Restrooms
  • Outside and inside shower

Varadero Aruba Marina & Boatyard, Bucutiweg 34. Behind the Airport. We don’t provide transport from your hotel to the harbour or back to your hotel, however, after booking, we will provide you the contact of a very affordable and reliable transportation gentleman that has been moving our guests for quite a while so he knows the drill very well. After agreeing the date, start and the end time of your boat charter is known, then you can make a reservation.  

If you don’t have internet access at all times, go to Google maps and download the map of the area you are visiting, this way you can navigate without the need for internet.

You live the dream. We take care of it.

Exceptional Value

Exceptional Value

competitive prices
Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

guaranteeing customer satisfaction
Midnight Sun Yacht

Personalized Service

aiming to exceed expectations
Midnigt Sun Yacht
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Midnight sun yacht

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Deluxe Sailing Tours will show you Aruba's beauty.

Aruba has the ideal mix of sun-kissed beaches, dazzling water bodies, and calm sea breezes for an amazing experience. Hope you enjoy your time here. Hope your stay is great. Our luxurious sailing tours are the best way to see Aruba’s natural beauty. No one beats our service. Our trips offer the right mix of luxury, leisure, and thrill for experienced sailors and first-timers.

Consider one of our boat cruises to discover Aruba now.

We offer aruba boat excursions cruises that will be unforgettable. This will be available. Visit secret bays and bays along the island’s stunning coastline and scuba in the Caribbean Sea. Our enduring captains will take you to the most beautiful sights and make your getaway special. They’ll also ensure a good time.

Aruba Boat Tour:

With our Aruba Boat Tour see the island’s stunning splendor via boat. You can see the Caribbean Sea and mountains while cruising the island’s beautiful beach. Take a swim or snorkel breaks. Relax on the balcony in the sun. Both are great activities. Because our outings are for all ages and abilities, you’ll have fun. Whether experienced or not, we assure a great time.

Aruba Deluxe Sailing:

Aruba Deluxe Sailing offer the finest luxury aruba tours. Welcome aboard our enormous and luxurious sailboat and let our courteous and expert crew take care of you as we sail Aruba. Surf in the Caribbean Sea, calm down on the sundeck, and enjoy no charge cocktails. Beautiful Caribbean Sea waters are famous. If you want an unforgettable Aruba vacation, try our deluxe sailing excursions.

Aruba Sailing tours in Aruba reveal its stunning natural splendor. Book aruba sailing tours that have assorted vacation packages include something for everyone—action, relaxation, or both. You may swim in secret coves, snorkel among brilliant coral reefs, and tour the island’s stunning shoreline. Our skilled captains and crew will ensure a safe and pleasurable journey.

Book sail in aruba now:

Before booking an Aruba Sailing Tour, decide if you want to swim and enjoy Aruba. Reserve your Aruba sailing vacation in advance for an unforgettable experience. Our vacations are in high demand, so don’t miss out on this tropical paradise’s beauty.

Reserve your Aruba cruise today to enjoy the Caribbean in luxury. For thrills, pleasure, or both, our sailing trips have something for everyone. This is because our sailing vacations provide many activities.

Sail Aruba:

Our trips offer the right mix of luxury, leisure, and adrenaline for all sailors. This applies regardless of sailing expertise. To make each sailor’s journey distinctive. If so, why wait? Book your Aruba cruise today to see this beautiful destination. Use this bargain now.

Finally, enjoy Aruba’s stunning water view. Seize this chance. Book a Deluxe Sailing Tours sailing holiday now for an incredible experience. It will be memorable for you. Our vacation packages include something for everyone: action, relaxation, or both. Sail in aruba & Explore Aruba to experience its charm.


Midnight Sun

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